• Maria Kristina

To crash without distance

9th November 2020

Waiting for the new restrictions in my region. Wondering when all the ducks will swim in the same direction. Added som extra ducks and reversed some others. A choreography. They look like ghosts - trying to find their way. The direction is clear. Shifting. The reflection of the light shines through the water. Fog. Moving water. I wonder when we once again will be able to gather - to dance, to crash, to move without distance. Looking at the ducks from a distance. Dancing. Wondering if my direction is clear. Allowing it not to be, trusting that any direction has direction. Right now I am where I am. Adding ducks, reversing ducks. Looking forward to teach this evening. Hoping the restrictions given today will be the right ones. The ones that one day will make it possible to dance, crash, move forwards, backwards and all around without distance. Looking forward.

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Moving through

26th October 2019 Last week I attended my fifth and final gathering at the University in South-Eastern Norway. Studying dance- and movement therapy this year, has given me more than I thought it would