• Maria Kristina


Oppdatert: 9. jan. 2019

16th August 2017

When living life we encounter questions. Sometimes they are essential. Sometimes they are neither valuable nor necessary. Sometimes we ask what seems like the wrong questions. Other times we are told “There is no such thing”.

When we ask a question, what are we really questioning? Does the question come from knowing? If you have the courage to ask, will you also have the courage to find the answer? What if the answers are lost? Hidden? Forgotten? Non-existent? Does that mean there is no reason to ask?

Does asking mean that the answers exist? Does the existence of an answer mean that it is understandable? Reachable? Adaptable? Somewhere? Anywhere?

When you are asked a question, are you required to respond? Why? What is the reason? What is your purpose?

Is the absence of an answer not an answer? Is the question not the answer? Is an answer not just another question?

Ask the question. Listen. Ask it again. Maybe you already knew.

Did you?

That is a good question.