New themes every Monday

Every week I do a movement exploration at home - dancing, expressing and exploring different movement tasks. I ask you to join me, wherever you are and whoever you are. Each Monday, I post a short video/text with the theme/task of the week, as a suggestion of what you could be exploring in your own time. Set aside an hour and explore in whatever way is right for you. I ask you not to film yourself, but to rather write some notes on what you felt and/or discovered afterwards. I share some of my findings after my explorations, and I welcome you to message me some words/drawings of your own experience.

Welcome to a weekly dance with you!

(The beginning - written in April 2020)

I am passionate about movement, and would love to share this with you. Right now we can't necessarily dance in big studios, on stages or in crowded rooms, but we can still dance on our own. There are a lot of classes available online, and these are great for their purposes. However, I believe this new way of living also requires us to think in new ways. Sometimes we can get caught up in seeing our dance from the outside, whilst we forget that seeing our dance from the inside also has value. I would love for you to explore your own dance with me - on your own and in your own space.

The theme we explore each week, can also be something you reflect upon or explore in your every day life.
If you do other dances on this theme after the weekly session, you can of course film yourself - and I probably will too.


However, I challenge you for this one hour to be simply for the sake of dancing in the moment. Enjoy!